Launch for Life understands wanting to stay connected with family and friends, especially during difficult times. Staying connected to friends and family has a significant impact on one’s physical and mental health.  It helps when dealing with traumas such as serious illness, death, or incarceration.  Being able to stay in contact with friends and family lessens the feeling of isolation and can increase a person’s sense of belonging and purpose.

We, at Launch for Life, also recognize that one of the best ways to turn a person’s life around is through affordable education, rehabilitative support services, job readiness skills and occupational training programs.  For a formerly incarcerated or rehab individual, the lack of an education is believed to contribute to that person returning to the prison system within two years of release. That statistic equates to a recidivism rate.  Additionally, is it any wonder that with of the inmate population without a high school diploma, an average of 60 of them are still unemployed one year after being released.

To address these two issues, Launch for Life has developed a platform that delivers high-quality educational content as well as communication capabilities that can be used by correctional institutions and rehabilitation facilities through one of our secure tablets. Each tablet contains a host of curated content that includes workforce integration and career workshops, health and wellness, videos, webinars and podcasts, news feeds, educational content, GED and college level options. And to keep people connected to their family and friends, we offer email, text messaging, and Skype capabilities.  All this content is pre-approved by the facility and securely delivered on the Launch for Life tablet. All the same services and more are offered on our Launch for Life reentry app. Launch for Life also provides services and support for US veterans to help them in their transition to the private sector. We provide them with resources to include specialized training classes, help to convert their military experience into language employers can understand, lists of state and local community support networks, and suicide prevention hotline information.

With over 40 years of combined educational corrections and workforce experience, we have put together the best team to offer programs that will not only keep tablet users connected to loved ones but also help them change their lives for the better.

At Launch for Life, we believe rehabilitation and education are fundamental for anyone who struggles to have a chance for change.