Road Way Home

Road Way Home is a non-profit organization established to secure funding for Launch for  Life users. Launch for Life provides educational and rehabilitation services to corrections and rehabilitation facilities through an Android and IOS platform. Launch for Life services include health & wellness, education including GED, workforce integration, email, and text messaging services to a loved one.

Once a loved one leaves a facility, they can also purchase the Launch for Life reentry App. This App includes all the same services as the facility app and additional services like correction offices, state and community services, and suicide prevention hotline for support.

If you are interested in learning more about how you fund tablets or offer educational classes, contact or 1-800-293-3754.


It is not a secret that education can cost a fortune. Road Way Homes assist eligible users to obtain scholarships for users who cannot afford GED, Court Ordered and other training courses.  Our goal is to give every facility and reentry user a chance to take the courses they need at no charge. Also, to provide the Launch for Life reentry app for free.

Technology – No change keep what is already on the site

Health & Wellness – the 3rd paragraph

Health & Wellness content consists of thousands of dedicated, up-to-date articles and interactive tools to help cover all major areas of life, which includes specific resources and support. Also available is Navi-Gator, an online live chat to help users navigate and understand the site has has to offer, which will always be hosted by a real person in real time during business hours. All will be available at the tap of an icon on the Launch for Life tablet and reentry app leaving users very well equipped to access information for countless methods of self-betterment.