Launch for Life understands how important communicating with loved ones is throughout the duration of their stay at a facility. That is why we want to help those in a facility communicate through email and text messaging. Also, we believe in improving the lives and helping people through difficult times by providing health and wellness content.

Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) was formed in 1983 out of a desire to help people and provide excellent client care.  Launch for for Life has teamed up with Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP to offer a full range of Health & Wellness content.  Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP goal is to improve the life and help users through difficult times.

Health & Wellness content consists of thousands of dedicated, up-to-date articles and interactive tools to help cover all major areas of life, which includes specific resources and support. Also available is Navi-Gator, an online live chat to help users navigate and understand the site has has to offer, which will always be hosted by a real person in real time during business hours. All will be available at the tap of an icon on the AxxS Tablet or Launch for Life reentry app leaving users very well equipped to access information for countless methods of self-betterment.


Launch for Life offers the following

  • Online Work/Life section and Health & Wellness Resources
  •  Navi-Gator (live chat)
  • Commutations using email and text messaging through a secure app